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Nikki Smith

Are you a corporate worker who is facing or has been made redundant?

Are you asking:

  • What do I do now?”

  • How do I talk about the unique value I offer an organisation?”

  • How do I find a job in this climate?”

I can help.

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Are you fed-up & stressed at work?

Do you crave a role with more meaning & flexibility?

Transform your work life

I inspire, guide and cheerlead people to make their dream-life and best-fit business or role a reality: one that matches their strengths, interests and lifestyle needs.  

Why work with me? Because there’s more to it than finding your passion.

Are you an employee who’s fed‑up & stressed in your current role?

Do you want to figure out what on earth to do next work wise?

Discover your dream life best fit role, one that matches your interests, strengths and lifestyle needs.

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Career change success stories for employees

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Are you a business owner working too many hours, feeling drained and unsure whether you need to make a small or big change?

Discover what you need to change in order to create your dream life best fit business or role

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Career change success stories for business owners

Download my FREE e-book on finding your strengths & get started creating your dream life, best fit business or role

Inspiration for you to start living your dream life, best fit role or business

Who defines your success?

By Nikki | September 26, 2019

Are you living your definition of success, or someone else’s? When I was at uni, I was always surprised when I came across people who were studying degrees that offered rewarding, well paid careers (e.g. law, medicine, etc.), but who were deeply unhappy. How could they be unhappy with such…

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Even successful people can feel unemployable

By Nikki | September 19, 2019

There are people who doubt their ability / employability at every career level. This can especially be the case when trying to find a new role or moving to a new city / country. The worst case I’ve seen was a client who came to having submitted 150 job applications…

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Why is it so hard to figure out your next career move?

By Nikki | September 12, 2019

Many of us are raised with the idea that we’ll discover what we’re good at, maybe get a relevant degree at uni, then embark of a clear, linear career path. And each step along the way will be obvious. While that may be true for some, it hasn’t been the…

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