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We've postponed this fabulous adventure until October 2021. Imagine how good it will be to do this amazing walk once we're through the current situation.

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Walk the Camino in 2020

Imagine it’s 26th May, 2020. You wake up in Spain and the sun is shining.

It’s going to be a divine 26 degrees. Melbourne’s winter feels far away.

You’re here because it’s time to optimise what you’re currently doing work-wise as you’re near to, or at, the top of your profession. You’re wondering what else can you fine-tune or fit in?

Or perhaps you no longer feel challenged or inspired at work and are considering a career change. You want to uncover your dream job, or a great bridge job.

On this adventure Nikki will support you through her proven 7 Step Career Change program. You're going to get the time, space and support you need to gain clarity and confidence about your next career move.

You’ll start the day with a group coaching session to set your focus, then listen to 1 audio module per day as you walk, and complete worksheets. All you need to decide today is which fantastic spot to stop off for a delicious Spanish lunch as everything else is taken care of. You give yourself a high five as you have successfully put yourself first.

You take a deep breath and smile as you think of what is to come over the next 8 days: completing a section one of the best walks in the world with a positive group of like minded people and achieving greater career clarity with each step.

Is this adventure for you?

Are you at the top of your profession and wondering what else can you fit into your work and life?

Do you no-longer feel challenged or inspired at work and are considering a career change?

And, are you ready for an overseas adventure with a difference?


Nikki Smith

If your answer is "Yes!", please share your name & email with me (I won't share it with anyone else), then you can access more information about walk. This includes an interview I recorded with our tour leader, Glenyce Johnson, from Wandering the World, in which she provides lots of detailed information about the Camino.

I also provide a link for you to book a time for us to have a quick chat so I can answer any questions you may have.

Speak soon,

The details

This adventure is for 8 days on the Camino, which includes 6 days of walking from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. Daily distance from 14 – 25km, @3 – 6 hours of walking per day

You will have the time, space and support for to gain clarity and confidence about your next career move.

The itinerary is carefully designed for easy to manage walking days. A basic level of fitness required and there are some uphill stretches in parts. However, you only need carry a lightweight day bag and your water supply, which can be replenished in the various villages en route, and other essentials such as snacks. This makes this trip very manageable for any inexperienced walker.

Nikki’s process

Each morning you will be part of a group coaching session with Nikki. This will provide you with the key elements to reflect on as you walk.

You will be provided with access to Nikki’s 7 Step Career Change Program. You will listen to 1 module per day while you walk (or whenever suits you) and complete worksheets.

Although this trip is escorted/hosted, you are free to walk at your own pace in your own time.

You will be provided with a pack of easy to read maps and instructions, complete with directions to guide you on the well-marked paths and tracks, following the yellow arrows. This will be available at your hotel on the first day of your trip.


How will you feel during and after your Camino adventure?

Likely side effects include feeling:

  • calm

  • restored

  • clear

  • excited with your individualised plan to optimise your work and life.


Accommodation & luggage transfer

You will stay in an excellent combination of centrally located hotels and charming village accommodation dotted along the Camino.

The character, comfort and often the uniqueness of the accommodation all adds to the experience. In some villages you will stay in ‘casa rurals’, which are bed and breakfast style accommodation.

Your private accommodation is pre-booked in advance and is on a twin share basis with private en suite facilities. You can bring a friend or partner!

We will do our best to accommodate gender share requests, but unfortunately cannot guarantee this as we do not yet know the gender mix of the group. However, a single supplement is available upon request.

The local cuisine is also a highlight. On occasion, mama will be in the kitchen preparing a three course hearty meal known as the pilgrim’s staple, which comes complete with a bottle of wine, (which can be returned to the kitchen if you wish). The cook, or regular chef will not disappoint, and all dietary requirements are taken care of in advance. The language is Spanish.  English is difficult to find, which adds an exciting dimension and a great reminder that you are travelling in a foreign land.

Your luggage is transferred daily which means you are carefree to enjoy the walking. No need to worry about your bed for that night, nor straining your body from carrying too many kilos on your back.

Accommodation examples

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