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Are you a business owner clocking up
way too many hours,

feeling drained, de-motivated and wondering if you need
to make a small or big change to turn things around?

Can you imagine:

  • creating a work week that energises you?
  • feeling sure that this is your path, rather than second guessing yourself and fantasising about being employed again?

I can help you to identify your dream life best fit business or role – the one that matches your strengths/interests and lifestyle needs.

You will be crystal clear about what to do to re-energise and motivate yourself in your current business; whether you need to make a small change or a big change; and what that change is. Because any change you make will be aligned with your ‘why’ and your strengths, you will make the changes with more ease than you can imagine.

You can choose from my DIY online course (with a range of support options) or work with me directly through a 1‑on‑1 coaching program.

Career change course

This is for you if you’re:

  1. Looking for an economical option to review and re‑shape your business or make a change, or
  2. Confident of making the change and want a proven, step‑by‑step process to figure out what the change is.

1‑on‑1 coaching

This is for you if you need to re-shape your business or make a change and you don’t know what that change is. You want strategic guidance and are either:

  1. Time poor and you want regular 1‑to‑1 sessions to help you stay on track, or
  2. Your confidence has taken a knock and you want support to rebuild it and to help you navigate any transition with more ease.

Book a free 15 minute chat with Nikki

If you want a chat to make sure this is right for you, book in for a free 15 min discovery session.

3 quick client stories to inspire you

Liv, 42

“I was at a crossroads in my career and trying to decide what to do next. I had joined a business that was not the right fit but I couldn’t quite place my finger on why.

Through Nikki’s 7‑Step Career Change program I learnt that my definition of success is quite different to my parents’, and that I need to stop living theirs.

The strengths insights were huge! I identified my strengths and built my understanding of how I can maximise those in my work rather than try to improve at a whole lot of things that I’m not naturally good at.

I realised that I can have a portfolio career. I can do more than one thing.

The first module was fantastic, because it allowed me to incorporate components of different dream lives and dream work lives into my life. Loved it!

If you’re looking for clarity on what you can do, what you want to do and what you wish to do, this course is a great resource.

Nikki has the ability to clearly define what’s really going on. She had insights for me that I didn’t know myself. She provides clarity and strategy.

Now I am building my own mindfulness business Liv Mindfully.

Because I am so clear on what I am doing I’ve been approached by 4 people in the past month and I’ve said "No" with ease.

In the past I would have been flattered and said yes. I need freedom I now say yes to projects and no to partnerships”

Liv Downing, Psychologist and Mindfulness expert

What Donna says:

“I had a strengths coaching session with Nikki and got to know where my strengths lie and how to use them to my advantage. We also acknowledged my weak spots and Nikki helped me put some plans and boundaries in place to increase my income and gain more time in my week with ease.

By talking through my ideas and acknowledging them, writing those goals down and seeing how I can link them to my strengths, I now feel like I have permission to put them into action.

I have a clear path and actually look forward to implementing these ideas into my day. Thanks so much Nikki.”

Donna Occhipinti, Independent travel manager


What Wendy says:

“Before working with Nikki, I felt stressed, goal-less, unmotivated.

The biggest change has been seeing in black and white what my strengths are.  Feeling vindicated that I am playing to my strengths.  I had started to forget what they were!

Nikki, you have empowered me and given me permission to re-claim my working week. In one session I have cut down 10 hours in my work week.

The best part of working with Nikki is that she shows me how to go about making my business more streamlined without feeling guilty.  I can see now, that with planning, I can have my vision of a balanced happy life.

If you want to step up to the next level in their business, work with Nikki so that your dream can become your reality.”

Wendy Maddock, Marketing and Communications Consultant

Ready to make your dream life, best fit role a reality?

Contact me to find out about your investment options.

Dream Role Masterclass (free)

Learn how to:

  1. Identify 1-3 ideas as to what to do next

  2. Figure out which idea is a best-fit

  3. Make the change safely in 3 steps.