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7‑step career change program

Are you thinking, “What’s my next career move?”


“What on earth am I going to do next work wise?”

This online program is designed to help you figure out what your top 3 dream life, best fit roles or business ideas are. At the heart of this is finding a role that matches your strengths, interests and lifestyle needs.

This is a proven approach which combines my 17 years’ experience as an interviewer, assessor, and redundancy transition coach. Clients have had great success with this program.

At the end of the program you will have:

  1. achieved clarity for what is next for you and identified your dream life best fit role
  2. confidence talking about yourself, your strengths and what problems you like to solve. This puts you head & shoulders above others out there in the market place.
  3. improved your mindset and resilience to help you transition to your best fit role with more ease.

Anna, 37, energy industry exec, has gone from feeling stuck in a job, to being on track to realise her dream role

“I was uninspired by my current job, but unsure of what to do to bring more joy into my life and to take my career in a direction that I was passionate about. I loved the initial free consultation – and this was what really sold the coaching sessions to me. Nikki really understood my personality and the issues I faced.

Nikki’s approach is very customised and down-to-earth. It allows you to not only explore possibilities you may have never even considered to enable you to move closer to your dream life, but put together an action plan to make it happen.”