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Dream life, best fit role with Nikki Smith

When we live well, we die well

As a palliative care nurse, Mel has seen many people work hard and earn with a focus on enjoying retirement. Then they reach retirement and their life is cut short ...
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Struggling with career change?

Are you an achiever running on empty? Spinning your wheels with a job search that’s unsustainable AND anxiety inducing? Is it me or this part time job? Why am I ...
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How to play to your strengths to solve a problem & create a business

I’ll say it again: mini-experiments create magic in your work and life! They: take the pressure off you – remove the need for something new to be a success from ...
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Live by the sea & work from home: from dream to reality

Do you ever fantasise about working from home by the sea? Sarah Marshall has realised this dream while being employed by a Melbourne-based organisation. Listen to us chat about her ...
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How to quit your job, define your ideal role & hire a chef

I have a lovely friend from uni days, Ness, who now lives close by on the Victorian coastline. We caught up a while ago and had a chat about her ...
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Interview with Liv Downing: mindfulness & meditation

Olivia Downing, founder and CEO of Liv Mindfully, is a psychologist, meditation teacher and mindfulness coach and educator. She helps corporates, schools and individuals to live and work to their ...
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Mini-experiments, taking career control (and feeling like a fraud!)

Do you ever feel like a fraud at work (for a minute, an hour or even half the day)? If yes (and if we’re honest, we’ve all been there!), you’ll ...
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Jacqui’s career success story: from a negative work environment to playing to your strengths

This podcast episode provides an inspiring example of how you do have choices when you’re in a negative work environment. Meet Jacqui Brauman. She who took an extreme approach when ...
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Behind the scenes of Fred Purcell’s career transformation: How a career leap of faith can make you fly

Are you feeling stuck in your industry? My latest podcast provides an inspiring example of how you can make dramatic change in your career and find genuine fulfilment. That’s what ...
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