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Dream life, best fit role with Nikki Smith

How to set career direction when you’re a multi-passionate who wants to do it all

Sally Wilson is a multi‑passionate. She's a hypnotherapist, singing teacher, performer, runner and writer. But before she was all of those things, she had a successful 20 year international career ...
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3 tips to overcome fear & take the 1st step

Karly is a multi-passionate who wears many different hats: she’s a communicator, connector and creator. She has had successes and failures and shares both in this interview. She is a ...
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Interview with Tammy Guest: How to reduce your stress by 50% with 1 hour a week

I met Tammy in 2016 at a symposium in the beautiful Blue Mountains. She is a naturopath, ex-scientist, helicopter pilot, mother and speaker. She blew my mind with just one of ...
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Is it you, or the job?

Are you just pretending to be happy in your role? Jem Fuller has moved from barefoot traveller wandering around Central and South East Aisa to a suit and tie corporate ...
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Work gives us meaning, but can it also give us pleasure?

Some perspective from a 79 year old who still finds work fulfilling This podcast interview is with one of my favourite people - Moshe Lang - who I’ve known since ...
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Understanding your strengths is critical at every stage of your career

Strengths play a critical role in success and happiness, regardless of how junior or senior you are in your role. In this podcast I speak with the amazing Alex Tullio. ...
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Wondering where the progressive employers are?

Are you in an industry that lacks flexibility? So many organisations now boast about their culture and flexible practices, but struggle to actually support, let alone enable, their people to ...
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Mini-experiments: FUN, creative & fulfilling

Whether you want to fulfill your bucket list (see last episode), create your dream job or business, or simply to create your best life, mini‑experiments create clarity, momentum and fulfillment. ...
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Do you prioritise your ‘to do’ list over your ‘bucket’ list?

“A lot of people think that everything we want to do costs time and money. But it’s not a matter of resources. It’s a matter of resourcefulness. If you want ...
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