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Dream life, best fit role with Nikki Smith

Want to work in government? Insights & hints from a government recruiter

What kind of people do you imagine when you think of government employees? Can you imagine working alongside such people? In this interview government recruiter Jody Smith debunks numerous myths ...
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Opportunities for individuals & managers now & after COVID19

Elite athletes and global leaders have a coach. Someone who helps them to be the best and most effective version of themselves. We want to believe that we can do ...
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How a radical idea delivered fulfilment and paid work

Sam Sutherland is a talented workshop facilitator and podcaster. She wants to make the workplace more human: to empower women and equality in the workplace through a variety of projects, ...
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Struggling to re-enter the workforce after a break?

Have you taken time off from your career, perhaps to raise a family, only to struggle to return to work a few years later in a similar role? You’re not ...
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Financial freedom and your dream life, best fit role

Living your dream life, best fit role can give you greater financial freedom And who doesn't want greater financial freedom?! I recently had the pleasure of talking with Louis van ...
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Do you crave more time & money?

Do you crave more time? Perhaps more income so you can travel or do more of the fun stuff you love? One way to leverage our time and money in ...
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How to translate a successful police career into the private sector

The stories we tend to hear about people who have left the police force (and the military and emergency services) tend be about struggles with PTSD. But that is not ...
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How to set career direction when you’re a multi-passionate who wants to do it all

Sally Wilson is a multi‑passionate. She’s a hypnotherapist, singing teacher, performer, runner and writer. But before she was all of those things, she had a successful 20 year international career ...
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3 tips to overcome fear & take the 1st step

Karly is a multi-passionate who wears many different hats: she’s a communicator, connector and creator. She has had successes and failures and shares both in this interview. She is a ...
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