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Dream life, best fit role with Nikki Smith

How to find your dream role in the current job market

Now is a fantastic time to find and land your dream role. But there are a few key things you need to know about the job market and how to ...
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To find your best-fit role, get clear on your strengths and your ‘why’

In this podcast I share one of my client's journey through my 7 Step Career Change Program to finding her best fit role. When I met Lucy she was ready ...
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Is your work compromising your health?

Are you a 'Yes' person? Do you have the responsibility or achiever strengths? Many clients who come to me are fed up at work and wondering what to do next. ...
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How to recognise and manage a narcissist

I would say 1 in 2 of my clients work for, or have worked for, a boss with narcissistic traits and in some cases a fully expressed narcissist. That means ...
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Lisa Corduff: the reality and myths of building an online business

Lisa Corduff makes running an online business look easy. In this interview she reveals how she has gone from exhausted mother to whole foods blogger, to successful online entrepreneur. Lisa ...
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Want to work in government? Insights & hints from a government recruiter

What kind of people do you imagine when you think of government employees? Can you imagine working alongside such people? In this interview government recruiter Jody Smith debunks numerous myths ...
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Opportunities for individuals & managers now & after COVID19

Elite athletes and global leaders have a coach. Someone who helps them to be the best and most effective version of themselves. We want to believe that we can do ...
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How a radical idea delivered fulfilment and paid work

Sam Sutherland is a talented workshop facilitator and podcaster. She wants to make the workplace more human: to empower women and equality in the workplace through a variety of projects, ...
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Struggling to re-enter the workforce after a break?

Have you taken time off from your career, perhaps to raise a family, only to struggle to return to work a few years later in a similar role? You’re not ...
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