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You spend ~ 1/3 of your time at work.

Are you happy with the work you’re doing and how you’re spending that time?

  • Are you working yourself into the ground? Working in a not-quite-right (or completely wrong) job for you, and wondering if a dream life or best-fit job even exists?
  • Perhaps you believe you’ve got "too much to lose" if you leave your current job? You’re unhappy, but at least you have security, right?
  • Can you imagine feeling energised by your work: motivated, confident and clear about where you’re heading?

I can help you to identify your dream life best fit role – the one that matches your strengths/interests and lifestyle needs.

You can choose from my DIY online course (with a range of support options) or work with me directly through a 1‑on‑1 coaching program.

Career change course

This is for you if you’re:

  1. looking for an economical option to figure out your next career move, or
  2. confident of making the change and simply want a proven, step‑by‑step process to figure out what the change is.

1‑on‑1 coaching

This is for you if you need to make a career change and you don’t know what that change is. You want strategic guidance from someone with 16 years’ experience, and:

  1. you’re time poor and want regular 1‑to‑1 sessions to help you stay on track, or
  2. your confidence has taken a knock and you want support to rebuild it and help to navigate any transition with more ease.

To help you decide which option is best for you, sign-up for a free (completely obligation free!) 15 minute discovery session where we get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit to work together?


Book a free 15 minute chat with Nikki

If you want a chat to make sure this is right for you, book in for a free 15 min discovery session.

3 quick client stories to inspire you

Planning change

Caitlin, Teacher, 52 now has the confidence to make the work/life choices she know are right for her

“Nikki’s process enabled me to unlock and explore what I really love to do. It’s layered, gentle and incredibly supportive. There’s time to reflect, and she always gives you the time to reconsider. I’m now more confident in the choices I make, and that the work I’m doing aligns with what gives me joy, engages me creatively, and supports me and others.  I’m now happier in my current role as I discovered that it is a close to match to things that matter to me. Plus the best part is that I have a blueprint to figure out my next dream life best fit role that I want to transition into in 3 years time. “


Making change

Anna, 42, Executive in Financial Services, has gone from feeling stuck in a job, to being on track to realise her dream role

“I was uninspired by my current job, but unsure of what to do to bring more joy into my life and to take my career in a direction that I was passionate and excited about. I loved the initial free consultation – and this was what really sold the coaching sessions to me. Nikki really understood my personality and the issues I faced. 

Nikki’s approach is very customised and down-to-earth. It allows you to not only explore possibilities you may have never even considered to enable you to move closer to your dream life, but put together an action plan to make it happen.”


Completed change

Fred, 34, Engineer has moved from manufacturing to his best fit role in international/community development

“The changes that I’ve made as a result of Nikki’s coaching program have had a major influence on my life and work. With Nikki, I’ve successfully shifted my career from a manufacturing manager in a large corporate company to a mentoring/advisor role in a not‑for‑profit Indigenous leadership program in pursuit of my dream life, best fit role. I now work with the best team I could have asked for!”

Dream Role Masterclass (free)

Learn how to:

  1. Identify 1-3 ideas as to what to do next

  2. Figure out which idea is a best-fit

  3. Make the change safely in 3 steps.