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1-on-1 coaching for career change

Discover your dream life best fit business or role.

1-on-1 coaching for career change is for you

if  you want to be fully supported through each of the 7 key steps in my proven career change program.

This is for you if you need to make a career change and don’t know what that change is. You also be time poor and want the regular 1-on-1 sessions to help you stay on track. Or you may want to not only be very clear and confident in your new direction, but want to be highly strategic in your implementation.

Are you a business owner and:

  • fed up & stressed in your current business?
  • working too many hours and feeling drained and de-motivated?
  • unsure & frustrated what you need to do to turn things around?
  • wondering whether it’s about re-claiming time, or creating more meaning in the business?

If you answer YES to any of these then partnering‑up with a psychologist/career coach will move you from fed‑up, unsure and confused, to motivated, confident and clear.


This 7 Step Career Change Program is designed to help you:

  • lose the confusionand the stress that goes along with working so many hours and feeling depleted
  • uncover the answerswhether you have lots of ideas or none of what you need to do next
  • get clear and make a concrete plan and
  • develop and sustain a positive mindset.

This type of coaching is considered professional development & is tax deductible in most cases (you can confirm with your accountant).


The 7 Step program helps you to uncover and evaluate your dream life best fit business or role – the one that matches your strengths/interests and lifestyle needs.

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Over the 7 modules you will:

  • lose the confusion and stress that comes with not knowing what to do next. Achieve clarity on what’s next for you.
  • benefit from a guided step-by-step process with a coach and access a proven formula to figure it all out.
  • improve your mindset/resilience to manage change with greater ease.
  • find it so much easier to create the vision for what you’re wanting next.

This program also works if you want to continue to be your own boss or hit the pause button on your business and get employed

Clients who’ve been through this process report that they:

  • lose the stress/guilt that goes with thinking about what’s wrong and what’s next and not getting anywhere
  • go from feeling flat to feeling hopeful
  • feel inspired even early on in the process
  • realise that being supported by a coach fast tracks them to where they want to get to
  • find it much easier to talk about themselves and what they want to do in life, where they want to go and what role they want
  • are surprised to find their relationships improve
  • notice their energy levels improve.

Book a free 15 minute chat with Nikki

If you want a chat to make sure this is right for you, book in for a free 15 min discovery session.

You can choose from 1-on-1 career coaching packages starting from $3,300+GST per month.

Please contact me if you'd like to find out more.

Some client stories to inspire you

Liv, 42, has moved from a business that was a bad fit to start one that strongly aligns with her strengths and lifestyle needs 

What Liv says:

“I was at a crossroads in my career and trying to decide what to do next. I had joined a business that was not the right fit but I couldn’t quite place my finger on why.

Through Nikki’s 7 Step Career Change program I learnt that my definition of success is quite different to my parents’, and that I need to stop living theirs.

The strengths insights were huge! I identified my strengths and built my understanding of how I can maximise those in my work rather than try to improve at a whole lot of things that I’m not naturally good at.

I realised that I can have a portfolio career. I can do more than one thing.

The first module was fantastic, because it allowed me to incorporate components of different dream lives and dream work lives into my life. Loved it!

If you’re looking for clarity on what you can do, what you want to do and what you wish to do, this course is a great resource.

Nikki has the ability to clearly define what’s really going on. She had insights for me that I didn’t know myself. She provides clarity and strategy.

Now I am building my own mindfulness business: Liv Mindfully.

Because I am so clear on what I am doing I’ve been approached by 4 people in the past month and I’ve said No with ease

In the past I would have been flattered and said yes. I need freedom I now say yes to projects and no to partnerships.”

What Samantha says:

“I say, ‘I want to dominate the world!’ and Nikki says, ‘Great! Start with your first client.’

I chose the online program with the monthly momentum group calls. Nikki has a genius ability to break big ideas down into mini-experiments. She also sees connections between ideas where I didn’t.

From one conversation with me, Nikki identified a strength of mine that I hadn’t considered using in a business.

I’m darn good at salary negotiation and putting boundaries in place at work, and unfortunately a lot of other people aren’t. I’ve since piloted work negotiation coaching with another client of hers and I loved it.  I cover negotiating salary and the actual work you want to do, plus boundaries and how to communicate and manage up.

I’m now launching this new stream to my business. Thank you Nikki!"

Your next career move - webinar

Spots are limited and filling up fast, reserve yours now!

1-on-1 strengths coaching

Strengths‑based coaching will help you to double your productivity, resilience, creativity and income.

1-on-1 strengths coaching is for you

if  you want to be really clear about your true strengths, understand how to shape your work week to play to them and reap the benefits.

Why have a strengths coaching session?

To gain clarity, confidence and momentum in your job.

Elite athletes and many corporates have been using strengths theory to lift their game for over 8 years. So why not access a proven approach?

Your true strengths are activities that energise you and that you find ease with.

Studies show that you can reap huge rewards when you play to your strengths for 60 – 80% of your week. When you play to your strengths you double your productivity, resilience, creativity and in turn boost your income.

strengths banner


People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job.

Teams that focus on their strengths are 12.5% more productive.

Gallup Strengths Centre

I’m on a mission to influence 1 million people to play to their strengths.

I love coaching people to get to know their true strengths and how to leverage them in their work to create a role that energises them.

Plus I’ll set you up to succeed by sharing what I know about willpower, neuroscience and how to make helpful habits stick.

Read below to hear from clients who have used strengths coaching to optimise their business and work week.

You can choose from 1-on-1 strengths coaching packages starting from $440+GST per month.

Please contact me if you'd like to find out more.


Book a free 15 minute chat with Nikki

If you want a chat to make sure this is right for you, book in for a free 15 min discovery session.

Some testimonials to inspire you

“Nikki you are positive and insightful. You cut through and always have something new to offer (usually outside of anything I would have thought). You are so practical, but have a crazy amount of heart. It is so easy to see that you are really good at what you do.”

Lisa Corduff in the Kitchen, Creator of Small Steps to Wholefoods e-course and membership,


“Before my session with Nikki, I felt stressed, goal-less, unmotivated.

The biggest change has been seeing in black and white what my strengths are.  Feeling vindicated that I am playing to my strengths.  I had started to forget what they were!

Nikki, you have empowered me and given me permission to re-claim my working week. In one session I have cut down 10 hours in my work week.

The best part of working with Nikki is that she shows me how to go about making my business more streamlined without feeling guilty.  I can see now, that with planning, I can have my vision of a balanced happy life.

If you want to step up to the next level in their business, work with Nikki so that your dream can become your reality.”

Wendy Maddock, Marketing and Communications Consultant


“I had a session with the gorgeous Nikki and it was fantastic! We focused on my strengths and how I can balance them, and how to better express what I do, which I loved because I always struggle with that.  I also re-claimed 5 hours in my work week.”

Michelle Millichimp, web developer & strategist,


“Identifying my strengths has assisted me to implement measures which will save me time, and allow me to use that time to be working, generating my income.

I have been involved with several different business coaches and courses. Nikki has a very unique skill set and intricate knowledge of human behaviour that sets her apart. She is also a great supportive ‘cheerleader’ to have behind you.”

Fiona McCord, small business


To generate more income with ease:

I generated 40% more income year on year by applying strengths principles. Thank you Nikki!”

Doone Clifton, Gecko Bookkeeping Services


“I had a strengths session with Nikki so I could understand my strengths better and optimize my ability as a leader to uplift and inspire others. I also have some business and health goals that I was wanting to make sure I succeeded at.

One of the most helpful things about the session was learning how I can apply my achiever strength to goals outside of my business which hasn’t felt simple or easy before. Now I have a step by step plan to do this.

I feel uplifted and confident.”

Katrina Andrew, Arbonne Independent Consultant


Thanks so much for the fascinating insight you provided to me with the Gallup Strengths Finder test and consultation. I really loved it. Here's why: 

Despite having decent self-awareness, and the benefit of numerous other personality and cognitive tests under my belt prior to completing your tests, I completed the process with a much deeper understanding of how I tick, and how to best utilise my strengths. 

The Gallup Strengths reports were certainly spot on! Clarity around my top 5 strengths helped me understand why I operate the way I do, how my take on things (especially Maximiser) might really work for some people, whilst repelling others; and HOW to really value my uniqueness.  This concept can be quite theoretical, until you really get to grips with the implication of being one in 33 million! I can also now quantify how to "dial back" my strengths, to make room for the traits that need a bit more flexing... to optimise my results. I can already see how just 1 hour a day dedicated to structured planning, is already making a solid difference. It feels do-able, and so freeing. I feel like I have had a blind fold removed, and that I can truly appreciate and love me, for who I am. Your lovely, warm way of sharing your insights, and directing the discussion, was a also a lovely, gentle way to discuss the info being shared.

Thanks again Nikki! I am sure this tool will find its way into the Nicheonomy 'Know Thyself' Package as the Platinum offer.” 

Stephanie Beitzel, 'The Niche Navigator' & Founder, Nicheonomy