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7‑Step career change program

Discover your dream life best fit role.

Are you:

  • fed up & stressed in your current job?
  • unsure & frustrated about what you need to do to turn things around?
  • confused about whether to stay in your current job or industry?

If you answer YES to any of these then partnering‑up with a psychologist/career coach will move you from fed‑up, unsure and confused, to motivated, confident and clear.


This 7 step career change program is designed to help you:

  • lose the confusion and the stress that goes along with figuring out what do I do next?
  • uncover the answers whether you have lots of ideas or none
  • get clear and make a concrete plan and
  • develop and sustain a positive mindset.

It helps you to identify your dream life best fit role – the one that matches your strengths/interests and lifestyle needs.

This type of coaching is considered professional development & is tax deductible in most cases.


Book a free 15 minute chat with Nikki

If you want a chat to make sure this is right for you, book in for a free 15 min discovery session.

Over the course of the program you will:

  • lose the confusion and stress that comes with not knowing what to do next. Achieve clarity on what’s next for you.
  • benefit from a guided step-by-step process with a coach and access a proven formula to figure it all out.
  • improve your mindset/resilience to manage transition with greater ease.
  • find it so much easier to talk about yourself, your strengths and exactly what you want to do. This places you head & shoulders above the rest of the population, which means that you will get noticed and hired.

This program also works if you want to be your own boss and start a business.

Clients who’ve been through this process report that they:

  • lose the stress/guilt that goes with thinking about what’s wrong and what’s next and not getting anywhere
  • go from feeling flat to feeling hopeful
  • feel inspired even early on in the process
  • realise that being supported by a coach fast tracks them to where they want to get to
  • find it much easier to talk about themselves and what they want to do in life, where they want to go and what role they want
  • are surprised to find their relationships improve
  • notice their energy levels improve.

Join me for a free webinar and start planning

Your next dream career move

Learn how to:

  1. Identify 1-3 ideas as to what to do next

  2. Figure out which idea is a best-fit

  3. Make the change safely in 3 steps.

4 quick client stories to inspire you

Planning change

Caitlin, 48, teacher, now has the confidence to make the work/life choices she know are right for her

“Nikki’s process enabled me to unlock and explore what I really love to do. It’s layered, gentle and incredibly supportive. There’s time to reflect, and she always gives you the time to reconsider.

I’m now more confident in the choices I make, and that the work I’m doing aligns with what gives me joy, engages me creatively, and supports me and others.”


Making change

Anna, 37, energy industry exec, has gone from feeling stuck in a job, to being on track to realise her dream role

“I was uninspired by my current job, but unsure of what to do to bring more joy into my life and to take my career in a direction that I was passionate about. I loved the initial free consultation – and this was what really sold the coaching sessions to me. Nikki really understood my personality and the issues I faced. 

Nikki’s approach is very customised and down-to-earth. It allows you to not only explore possibilities you may have never even considered to enable you to move closer to your dream life, but put together an action plan to make it happen.”


Completed change

Fred, 34, engineer, has moved from manufacturing to his best fit role with a NFP

“The changes that I’ve made as a result of Nikki’s coaching program have had a major influence on my life and work.

With Nikki, I’ve successfully shifted my career from a manufacturing manager in a large corporate company to a mentoring/advisor role in a not‑for‑profit Indigenous leadership program in pursuit of my dream life, best fit role.

I now work with the best team I could have asked for!”

Gaya, 32, marketing exec, gained the clarity and confidence that has landed her best fit role

Before Nikki’s course, I’d moved to Singapore as I wanted to give myself a great chance to find a role where I could work with people in a senior position and have the flexibility to work from different locations around the world.

I was torn between pursuing a role in HR or marketing. I couldn’t decide. The problem was, I applied for every job I saw and was becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of progress.

I wanted a step‑by‑step framework that I could use to make a strategic decision and choose a role to focus on. I needed to move from a ‘scatter gun’ to a focused approach.

I wanted to answer the question: “What will I actually enjoy doing and be good at?!”

Once I worked through Nikki’s course and identified my top 5 non-negotiables, I realised that a marketing role clearly ticked more boxes than an HR role in terms of variety and creativity.

Achieving that clarity was a great relief and gave me confidence in my choice and clarity in my direction.

I now work for www.insead.edu as Assistant Director, EMBA Marketing.

Ready to make your dream life, best fit role a reality?

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