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Here’s a key ingredient for being happy at work

Harvard study finds that compliments help us to succeed. Surprise?

I’ve just come across an article I read a few years ago about a Harvard Business School study that found that,

“Praise from friends, family, and colleagues creates ‘best-self activation’, which leads people to perform at their best. As a result: people whose best-self concepts were activated felt better and were more resilient to stress, more resistant to disease and burnout, better at creative problem solving and performance under pressure, and formed stronger long-term relationships with their employer.”

So, when you encourage people they’re healthier, happier and more productive. What a shame that we need a study to tell us this, as it seems pretty intuitive. The bigger shame is that so many people experience the opposite of this at their place of work.

When was the last time you received genuine and unsolicited praise at work?

If you have recently, then good for you! You clearly work in a positive environment.

But if you haven’t had any positivity, or experience negativity at work, could it be time for a change? After all, we spend @ 1/3 of our lives at work; that's a long time to not feel valued and supported!

So, if you'd like to explore what options you have career-wise, book in for a free 15 min chat with me and find out what's really possible for you.

You could also listen to a podcast or two about some of the amazing transformations my clients have experienced.


Speak soon,

PS: You're amazing!


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