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Is the grass actually greener in a different workplace?

I’ve spoken to 6 people in the last week who are either being micro-managed or their manager is causing chaos with their reactivity and changing their minds.

I’m often asked, “Is the grass actually greener?” 

I am happy to tell you, yes it is. The grass is greener. 

When we work with micro-managers or chaotic managers we get drained and over time we lose some hope as to weather any where could be different

Being micro-managed or working with a chaotic or narcissistic boss is more common than you’d expect, but it is not normal and it is not reasonable.

So ask yourself, is their behaviour reasonable? 

If no, let’s find you a positive work environment where you finish the day with energy rather than feeling shattered.

While we’re doing that, let’s look at what if anything we can optimise in your current work environment.

Message me or comment ‘yes’ if you’d like some help with this.

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