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Finding fulfillment in an unchallenging or uninspiring role

I recently posted about how I was once hounded in a role for my one key weakness, according to MBTI - attention to detail. Not only did my confidence erode but my enjoyment at work dipped significantly.

To cope with my changed work environment, as I wasn’t clear on what was next, I chose an inspiring project that I could focus on and gain some satisfaction from. The project was to produce a CD.

I was inspired by the stunning voice of a cleaner, who happened to be African, in the HIV ward I visited as part of my role. She sang HIV prevention songs as she cleaned.

I proposed to my director that we make a music CD for World AIDS Day that included some of her songs. She said YES.

She wanted more exposure for World AIDS Day, so she agreed. We received funding. I studied how to project manage making a music CD, curated musicians and made the CD with the help of suppliers.

We ended up performing the songs on the steps of Parliament with friends and family present.

This was the silver lining that emerged from being unfulfilled at work.

Yes, I needed to make a more permanent change. But I also needed to be happier in the now. 


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So, are you feeling unchallenged or uninspired in your role?

If the answer is yes, spend 5 minutes working through this list.

What is inside your control?

These are all the things I have done in the past when in a role has become unchallenging or uninspiring.

Can you:

  • re-shape your role?
  • add a new project that challenges or inspires you?
  • negotiate a 4 day work week or an additional work from home day?
  • add some joy/adventure outside of work to help you manage the now?

What is outside your control?

These are elements that you will probably just have to find a way to work with / around:

  • values of the company
  • most of the behaviour of leadership / more senior workers

If you want a hand figuring out your fulfilling project for now, or if you are ready to make a change, message me with 'dream role' & I'll be in touch with some options.

Speak soon,

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