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Is your work compromising your health?

Are you a ‘Yes’ person? Do you have the responsibility or achiever strengths?

Many clients who come to me are fed up at work and wondering what to do next. They often have the achiever or responsibility strength, say ‘yes’ too often and have been over-working for a long time.

And this usually involves a trade‑off with their health or relationships.

Do you know someone who has started to have things going wrong with their health?

Enter Jabe Brown. Jabe is the founder and a Functional Medicine Practitioner at Melbourne Functional Medicine.

His mission is to help us all get the best out of our health.

In this podcast, Jabe shares some inspiring tips on how to do this. I love his refreshing take on health and what’s possible with a 2 minute hack.

Here are some of the areas we cover & time stamps:

  1. What happens when we outsource our yeses 3:18
  2. How to think of your health challenges and symptoms 6:17
  3. Habits and re-wiring your brain. Why frequency matters! 11:27
  4. Sleep: there is only one genetic type that can get away with only 6 hours, and what the rest of us need to do 25:18
  5. Jabe’s strengths and how he uses this knowledge with his team 30:22
  6. Jabe’s brilliant metaphor about health pillars and what to do next? 46:12

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If you have any questions for Jabe, you can contact him here.

If you want to re-claim 5 – 15 hours in your week to have the time and head space to prioritise your health, book in for your 90 minute strengths session. We will create a 90 day plan to re-claim that time together. This session is a game changing.

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