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Whose definition of success is driving your career choices?

When I was at uni I was always surprised when I came across people who were studying degrees that offered rewarding, well paid careers (e.g. law, medicine, etc.), but who were deeply unhappy.

How could they be unhappy with such a great future? But it usually turned out that those individuals were doing that study because either, “That’s what you do when you get good marks” or they were pressured to do so by their parents.

They were doing it because it met someone else’s definition of success.

But it’s not just uni students that suffer from this.

One of the modules I take clients through in my 7 Step Career Change Program focuses on what success really means to them. And it’s amazing how many people come to realise that throughout their lives, and especially their careers, they’ve actually been pursuing someone else’s definition of success.

Once we establish what their definition of success really is, it’s incredibly liberating. They can then start to make career and life choices that really resonate. Everything just becomes easier.

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Whose definition of success are you living?

When you’re at a career crossroad, it’s worth reviewing the definition you’re using to make sure that the ladder you put in front of yourself is the one that you really do want to climb.

By the way, I’m not immune to this. One of my family members was proudest when I was working for Hudson Recruitment in a big shiny building in Collins St, Melbourne. It was a secure job, a well‑known company and in the CBD.

When I started this business, I followed the advice I now give my clients: keep the inner circle small. Well‑meaning and loving people say things that are unkind and judgemental because they are worried about our security.

I didn’t tell my family member about this business until I had runs on the board. Then it was a more secure idea. There was evidence and proof.

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