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Great skills and experience, but no confidence about career change?

“I’ve got great skills and experience, but no confidence about career change.”

Is this you? If it is, you’re in great company.

Clients come to me with anything from 3 years in their industry, to having climbed the ladder to CEO level.

Here are the most common stories (I hear these daily) that they tell themselves and their mindset traps:

  1. I look on job search website and LinkedIn and don’t see any role that I’m interested in
  2. When I see a role I like, my experience doesn’t match up
  3. I have an inkling that there is something else for me, but zero clear ideas on what that would be so I feel stuck
  4. I have too many ideas and can’t make a decision about which one is for me
  5. I was never passionate about my current profession and have no confidence that there is something else for me
  6. I can think of the work I want to do, but don’t see it advertised anywhere
  7. I want to change industries but am worried about having to take a salary cut.

Any of these sound familiar?

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The great news is that there is a proven way to figure this out.

All of these obstacles or worries are ‘figure-outable’. For instance, it is rare that my clients change industries and drop salary, unless they choose to.

How is this all figure-outable? Because you have a zone of genius that the world needs to solve a problem – and there are many problems that need to be solved in the world. We need you to uncover your zone of genius and apply it in a way you want and that is meaningful to you.


So, you have a zone of genius.

Guess what? So do I! Mine that is guiding people to figure out what their career change is and how make it a reality with a proven framework and system. Our brains are so powerful and can pull us in multiple directions. It is challenging to get un-stuck, clear and inspired by yourself.

Are you ready to figure this out and have someone sherpa you to the top of your mountain? A sherpa that has been on the path 100s of times, does the heavy lifting, maintains your momentum and shows you what is possible?


Comment ‘sherpa’ if you like the idea of a group program to guide you to get clear on your dream role and make it a reality.

If you prefer 1 to 1 support, book into a free discovery call and let's talk about your situation.

Speak soon,

P.S. Some people find career change simple. Some people need the support of an expert sherpa.

If you’re not sure which you are, here’s some tough love: if you could figure this out by yourself, you would have done it by now.


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  • Learn how to make the change safely in 3 steps.

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