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Is your work meaningful?

Why is it important for your work to be meaningful? Because most people spend a third of their lives, or more, at work.

So why not be fulfilled, and have a positive impact?

I help clients to work out whether they can boost the meaning in their current role. Then we assess how sustainable that role is.

If it’s sustainable, they generally stay

If it’s not, we make an exit plan. We use the insights gained about what gives them meaning to frame their thinking about their next role - a best fit role.

How do we do this? I’ll share a client example.


Clara, 47, is a global HR leader.

Clara’s role looked great on paper, but she was unfulfilled. She couldn’t articulate specifically what was wrong and was unsure whether she should move on. 

The first thing we did was to uncover her ‘why’. That is, her core motivations in life. A role that’s connected to your why is energising and fulfilling; one that’s not will be draining and unfulfilling. 

We came up with Clara’s 5 ‘why’ statements. We then assessed each of these statements against her role to understand the extent to which she could potentially experience them. 

Each statement was given a score out of 5. A score of 3 or above, for at least 4 of the statements, would indicate that the role could be meaningful and sustainable. 

Most of Clara’s scored significantly less than 3. She had already tried to modify the role and there was no room for change. So, the result was clear.


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Working with Nikki through this process validated what I had been feeling, and has given me the clarity and confidence I needed to move on.

We have made a plan to exit in 3 months after she’s wrapped up a major project.

If you’re ready to find more meaning in your work, comment “dream role” or join me for a free webinar.

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