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It’s OK to want more from your work life

One of the best things about living in this era is that we can realistically want more from our work; and we can make it a reality. And, we don’t need to feel guilty about it.

Being fulfilled has a significant ripple effect. We are likely to:

  • be more energised, calmer and show up in a different way
  • talk to the supermarket checkout folks differently
  • be more present when we get home.

Our partners and kids will notice.

Our capacity to have an impact is enhanced - whether on a micro or macro level – which has its own ripple effect.

There are a 5 key elements to figuring out how to be more fulfilled at work. I’m going to share one of them today:

Ask yourself a question: Is there a problem in the world that you would like to solve?

Fi is a client of mine who asked herself this question with an amazing result

Fi is a Construction Manager with Coles. She was ready to change up things in her work life and find more satisfaction in what she was doing.

She wanted more fulfilment and to use her strengths more, week in week out.

We explored her why: front and centre is her passion for sustainability.

She was making some changes in this area in her role, but was ready to make a bigger impact. For her, more impact around sustainability would equal more fulfilment.

So, she looked for opportunities to achieve this in her current role.

Coles collects 1.2m plastic bags / soft plastic in stores every day – these are plastics that customers bring back to the stores. This is the most problematic type of plastic produced, and one of the biggest environmental issues. Fi saw an amazing opportunity to help close the loop and find an end use for this problematic plastic.

Twelve months later, check out Fi’s sustainability project at Coles:

They are taking this soft plastic and adding it into new and improved concrete products that are used in Coles’ new construction and renovation projects.

They teamed up with RMIT, Replas and SR Engineering to do this.

Let’s cheer Fi on!

I feel more engaged with my why and more fulfilled each day as I see the scale of difference this product is having.

I’m really proud that we are recycling plastic bags and turning it into a useful product and helping to close the loop on this enormous problem we face.

Find out more about this amazing innovation here.

If you’re ready for more meaning in your work, here’s what you can do about it today:

  • comment “dream role”, or
  • join me for a free webinar.

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