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To find your best-fit role, get clear on your strengths and your ‘why’

This week I want to share one of my client’s journey through my 7 Step Career Change Program to finding her best fit role.

When I met Lucy she was ready to take the next step in her career, but lacked clarity about what that would be. She had a number of ideas, but none of them resonated. We worked through my program and the result is fantastic: 2 best-fit roles that match her strengths and her ‘why’

This is how we got there.

In Module 1 we uncovered 13 dream roles. These revealed that Lucy is clearly a multi-passionate. That is, someone who could find a fulfilling role across a range of areas.

Then, in Module 2 we uncovered the layers of her ‘why’.

I'm sharing part of it here:

“I want to have a solid connection with my family. Yes, I’m primary carer but I want work part time hours.

I thrive when I connect with the ocean. This is where I’m meant to be.

I want to educate others and see a shift in human behaviour. To help others to respect people, nature and animals. I want to be part of the process and see the journey. I want to see the ‘aha’ moments and witness the social change.”


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In Module 3 we identified and got to understand Lucy’s strengths.

Strengths are activities, or dimensions of activities, with which you have a natural affinity and that you will find energising and fulfilling.

Developer: I emphasise what others do well and why they are special. Allow them to be who they are and embrace what makes them special.

Empathy: I’m aware of other people’s feelings, needs and thoughts and am positive. I instinctively lift people’s spirits

Individualisation: I can break things down into manageable tasks. I’m fascinated by humans and how they can co-operate better together.

Connectedness: I place a very high value on the environment being full of integrity. I say what I say I will do. I create a peaceful environment.

How brilliant are her strengths! Woot!

We then explored 12 of her 13 dream role ideas. Being a multi-passionate is confusing. So having a step by step framework is helpful to get to where you need to be. Lucy used mini-experiments to test out the ideas that sang the loudest to her.

The result: Let's celebrate with Lucy - her best-fit role/s are:

  1. Being an educator at the Marine Life Discovery Centre, and
  2. Launching Sandy Feet Beach Kinder, which is open and runs 2 sessions a week in Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.

She is working part time hours.

She is influencing others in a way that matches her why and her strengths.

I will be interviewing Lucy soon about the behind the scenes details of her mini-experiments and more.

Here's more info about Lucy's beach kinder.

If you're ready to get clear on your strengths and why, start with my strengths guide, join me for a free webinar (see below), or comment 'strengths' & I'll be in touch.

Speak soon,

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