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January job seeking success

If you’re waiting for February to find your dream role, you’re missing opportunities.

This week alone:

  • 1 x client got her dream role as a GM for a law firm
  • 1 x client went for an interview for her dream teaching role on Tuesday. She prepared using my 5 step interview formula and rocked it
  • 1 x client bravely and confidently put her application in for a government role. A dream stepping stone role.

I hear job seekers frequently state that the job market quietens down in January. But I firmly disagree.

Businesses have problems that need to be solved year-round, and people are needed to solve them.

So your dream role is closer than you think.

If you need a hand to uncover what your dream role is, or how to make it a reality, comment below or message me with ‘dream role’ in the subject line and I’ll  be in touch.

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