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3 mindset shifts to get hired

Identifying and finding your best fit role often requires a change in mindset.

I want to share with you the top 3 mindset shifts my clients are adopting in order to get hired - in the right role - quickly & easefully.

They’re getting hired into their best fit role and they’re getting hired quickly, even now.

The first change is about approach: move from a shotgun approach – applying for any job that looks reasonable - to a more focussed and strategic approach – applying for 1 or 2 roles that clearly match your strengths and why.

The second change is about belief: move from thinking there a no jobs that I like being advertised, to understanding that I can network my way into a best fit role (that’s probably not being advertised).

The third mindset change is about confidence and connection: move from thinking that people are stressed and no one has the time to talk to me - to realising that most people are happy to talk to me for 15 mins.

And finally, here’s a bonus mindset shift that’s particularly relevant at this time of year.

Move from assuming there are far less jobs at the moment, to understanding that businesses still have problems that need to be solved using your unique combination of strengths.


So think about the mindset you’re bringing to job seeking.

Will it get you the result you really want, or do you need to make some adjustments?

Comment below which mindset shift you think is most relevant to you.

Speak soon,

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