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Lisa Corduff: the reality and myths of building an online business

Lisa Corduff makes running an online business look easy.

In this interview she reveals how she has gone from exhausted mother to whole foods blogger, to successful online entrepreneur.

Lisa is a transformational coach who works with women to help change their mindset; to uncover all the subconscious stories that are keeping them stuck and repeating negative patterns. She helps them to create stories that serve them and help them to create a life that aligns with their values.

We go behind the scenes of her online business.

Lisa Corduff 1

Lisa Corduff

Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • What Lisa does & who she serves 0.35
  • How her business has evolved 1.50
  • Lisa's career crossroad that lead to mini-experiments around an online business. 5.50
  • Lisa’s strengths and how she uses them in her business 16.28
  • How she manages her weaknesses 21.30
  • The myths of running an online business 26.54
    • Build it & they will come
    • Passive income vs. leveraged model
    • You have to be an expert to provide a service
    • Overnight success 35.43
  • The question Lisa gets asked the most (apart from, “Where do you buy your clothes?”), & her very honest answer. 39.36

Find out more about Lisa at

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