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Greenhouse your career change ideas

Your ideas about a new career direction or a new role are like a new plant: they need to be nurtured and protected, or ‘greenhoused’.

Why is this important?

When considering change, especially in a core area of our lives such as career, we are vulnerable to outside comments to our new ideas. A friend or family member can say one negative thing, with the best of intentions, which is either misinformed, conservative, said out of fear or just plain wrong, and it can completely derail your idea. It can lead you to doubt your intention, and yourself, and keep you stuck where you are.

When I was 25 I had my first singing gig. I was nervous and excited.  My mum said, “Are you sure you should be doing this?” She was scared for me. But she didn't know about the 8 mini-experiments over 18 months that had led to this moment. The fire was alight inside of me and there was no turning back. But it did make me feel sad.

I had green housed this idea for 18 months, and I'm glad I did. Keeping it to myself enabled me to develop the idea, think through the risks and become comfortable with it. But if I’d shared it at the beginning, my mother’s response could have been enough to put me off.

However, I went onto perform in an acoustic duo then band for 5 years. My mum ended up coming along and then brought her mum and other relatives.

So be careful with what you say and to who.

Keep the inner circle small for as long as you need to.

Speak soon,

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