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How to get hired in another sector: part 1

Many of my clients are at a career crossroad. They’re looking for a role that is more energising and fulfilling than what they’ve done to date. And they’re often interested in changing sectors.

At some point, most of them will say,

“I know my strengths are transferrable, but how do I convince an employer in another sector to hire me over someone with sector experience?”

There answer comes in 2 parts:

Part 1: Get to know your strengths: top 5 tips

  • Complete a strengths assessment to uncover your top 5 strengths. Sign-up to my free strengths guide below or here for more info.


  • Create a strengths paragraph to clarify how to talk about yourself and what you have to offer. Pull out one sentence per strength that describes you to a ‘T’.


  • Then ask yourself, “So what?” What is the benefit of this strength to an organisation?


  • Write a second version of the paragraph that includes the cumulative benefit of your strengths to an organisation.


  • Practice out loud.


Next week I’ll share an example and part 2 of how to get hired in another sector.

Speak soon,

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