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Opportunities for individuals & managers now & after COVID19

Elite athletes and global leaders have a coach. Someone who helps them to be the best and most effective version of themselves. We want to believe that we can do anything simply through hard work, but if that were the case, we’d all be either an elite athlete or global leader. The fact is, we have strengths and weaknesses and gaps. Working with a coach enables you to balance and address these elements.

Many of my clients come to me with stories of poor management experiences. Whether it’s change management, performance management or internal recruitment. It’s so frustrating to hear about the same issues across all sectors.

There is a key factor that contributes to these bad experiences. That is, when people are promoted they aren’t necessarily given the support or training they require to succeed in the myriad of management and leadership capabilities.

This is why we need more people like Cam Shepherd!

Cam is an HR consultant, business coach and facilitator with over 10 years’ experience in delivering HR programs across Australia, Europe and the UK. He has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes across industries including manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, higher education and public services. He is passionate about people development and leadership that provides employees with the best possible work environment.

Cam Shepherd

Cameron Shepherd

In this interview, Cam shares tips about:

  • What you can do to optimise working remotely
  • What managers and leaders can do to better support employees; to treat their people like adults and bring out the best in them
  • What organisations can do to mitigate the impact of COVID19.

Here are some of the key ideas we cover:

2.11 Cam’s career path: From Journalism to HR, not your standard career path.

3.57 The challenges Cam enjoys helping people / organisations to address

7.44 Cam’s tips for orgs & individuals to be their best versions during the pandemic and beyond

8.02 What orgs can do to mitigate the impact of COVID19

8.11 How to support remote working & still be a great place to work.
How can the human factor be brought into remote working?

11.33 Opportunities COVID19 represents for individuals leverage strengths

13.51 The future of remote work – flexible working

18.15 The most important leadership trait at the moment.

20.23 Cam’s strengths & how he applies them at work

22.03 Cam’s weakness

23.15 Cam’s challenge for you: Look at a hobby or a course that you’ve always wanted to do that you’ve never done and research and start. Remember a mini-challenge or experiment can be 15 mins a week. If you have more time great, but you can started with a small amount of time.

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