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How a radical idea delivered fulfilment and paid work

Sam Sutherland is a talented workshop facilitator and podcaster. She wants to make the workplace more human: to empower women and equality in the workplace through a variety of projects, which we cover in our chat.

Sam’s podcast is relatively new and has taken off! But when we initially discussed it during her 7 Step Career Program with me, Sam’s initial response was, “Yes, great idea but what would I talk about and who would I interview?”

It is a common human response to wonder, “Who I am to do this?”

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In this 30 minute interview we discuss:

  1. The radical idea and the imposter syndrome: Who am I to do this?
  2. How Sam’s strengths were fuelled by the mini-experiments
  3. How her podcast went from a mini-experiment at a dining table to 70,000 downloads
  4. How it has led to insights and multiple paid work opportunities.

This is a great example of how we have so much more potential then we realise, and how mini-experiments enable you to overcome self‑doubt and test an idea.

The podcast was just one of Sam's ideas. I typically help my clients to uncover 10+ ideas.

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