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Sometimes you need a friend to say, “Enough’s enough!”

When you’re in a job that’s just not right for you, it’s a bit like being a frog in a pot of cold water that slowly gets heated. You don’t realise you need to jump out. You become used to the discomfort until…

Most of us have been in a role like this. We’ve stayed well beyond the use-by date, and this is certainly the case for many of my clients. The risk is that the situation can become quite toxic, you can start to lose confidence in yourself and also the ability to have perspective on your situation: being exhausted becomes normalised, as do dysfunctional relationships with colleagues.


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There’s a really simple tool I use with clients in this situation to get them to see how urgently they need to find a better fit role. I ask them to tell me about their work and how they’re feeling within themselves. I then ask them what they’d say if their best friend had just told them those things.

Encourage them to “tough it out” / “give it more time”? Or jump out and save your mental & physical health?

So, if you know someone who is struggling at work, why not try that approach with them. They may find it a bit confronting, but I guarantee they’ll thank you for it.

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