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Is your job search approach working for you?

Think about the last time you looked for a job (or you may currently be looking).

How did it make you feel?

Empowered, with a sense of control over the process?

Or belittled and questioning your employability?

Now, think about a major purchase you may have made, e.g. a house or a car. Were you clear on what you wanted? Did you bargain for the best possible financial outcome? Did you feel empowered throughout the process and happy with the result? Hopefully your answer is “Yes!”

Your work represents one of the most significant financial agreements you’ll enter into during your lifetime. You will trade hours (often too many) of effort in return for accrued remuneration – over different periods depending on many obvious variables – of 100s of thousands of dollars.

Why do we so willingly rescind control over this massive investment? And why do we hand that control to those who do not act in our interests (i.e. recruiters) and a process that is protracted, alienating and can lead you to question your self-worth? (Ah, the power of rhetoric!) Usually because we don’t know any other way to find a job.


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The traditional approach to finding a job is broken. Recruiters generally act in the interests of employers, not you (the candidate). Letters of application often go unanswered. It is ironic that a skilled, experienced individual can be left feeling unemployable by this process.

But there is an alternative: an approach that will put you in control.

My approach is to understand your strengths; be clear on the problems you want to solve; spread the word through your network; identify people/organisations you’d like to work with; approach them and tell them what problems you can solve for them. This process will make you feel empowered. It is also highly likely to deliver a role that you will find fulfilling: one that plays to your strengths.

I recommend that my clients take a blended approach. This puts them in control most of the time, but without completely forgoing the traditional channels. It’s the 80/20 rule for finding the job that’s right for you. 80% of your effort goes on the process that’s focussed on you; 20% goes on the traditional process focussed on the employer.



The first step in this process is to get to know your top 5 strengths inside and out with my free strengths bundle. It gives you the step by step guide to get to know your strengths. Plus if you want to take the next step; a strengths webinar and worksheet, which is the equivalent of a 1-on-1 strengths coaching session.

Strengths guide

Discover your strengths with my free strengths bundle

  • Your strengths guide, which includes the Strengthsfinder 2.0 link
  • Your strengths webinar & worksheet, which is the equivalent of a 1-on-1 strengths coaching session.
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Do you feel confident enough to forego completely the traditional job seeking approach?  Take the first step. At the very least you will get a surge of confidence from learning more about your true strengths.

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  • you’re a corporate worker who has been made redundant or is facing redundancy
  • you want to learn how to find your next role in the current job market.

I will show you how you can:

  • Uncover your unique strengths and the problems you can solve
  • Be clear and confident and stand out from other candidates.
  • Use a combination of traditional & alternative approaches to increase your chances of finding a role.

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Discover your dream life best fit role

This webinar is for you if:

  • you’re fed‑up and stressed in your current role
  • you want to figure out what to do next
  • you feel stuck and have either no idea or too many ideas.

I’ll help you to figure out your next dream career move

  • Identify 1-3 realistic & inspiring ideas as to what to do next
  • Figure out which idea is a best-fit
  • Learn how to make the change safely in 3 steps.

Tuesday, August 25th, @8pm

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