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How to take a role from good to best-fit

Many of my clients like their roles, but want them to be more easeful and fulfilling.

You can easily refine your role to be both of those things. You just need to understand your natural strengths and how to apply them.

Your strengths are your super powers. They are activities that you find fulfilling and with which you have a natural affinity. One of the great things about strengths is that only @ 1 in 33 million people will have the same strengths combination / order as you. So you really are unique!

Understanding your natural strengths will give you a clear framework through which to reshape your role. And if you play to your strengths for 60 – 80% of your week, you will double your productivity, resilience, creativity & happiness!

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“Taking the time to better understand my strengths has been incredibly valuable.

My session with Nikki re-affirmed what I knew about my strengths. But importantly, she helped me to identify ways I can work to my strengths more of the time: how I can use my time better each work-week. As a result, within 2 months of Nikki’s session I had re-claimed 8 hours in my work week.

That’s 8 hours – each week – that I no longer need to be in the office working.

I recommend a strengths session with Nikki. It was excellent.”

James, 48, finance advisory owner / director

So, if you’re current role isn’t fulfilling, but you’re not ready for change, you may like to consider reviewing your strengths profile. You’ll be amazed at the time you can reclaim and the productivity you can gain. And you may discover it’s actually a best-fit role.

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