Even successful people can feel unemployable

There are people who doubt their ability / employability at every career level.

This can especially be the case when trying to find a new role or moving to a new city / country. The worst case I’ve seen was a client who came to having submitted 150 job applications over 6 months and only received 2 responses & 2 interviews! This person was skilled, experienced and successful in their career. How do you stay motivated in the face of that?

As I’ve said numerous times before, the recruitment system is broken. Firing off applications for roles on job search websites will, 9 times out of 10, get you nowhere. And it’s often the case that the more applications people submit, with no result, the more applications they make for a wider range of roles for which they are increasingly less well suited.

The reality is that most people spend their careers trying to fit into roles, rather than finding roles that really fit them.

If you’re in a role that’s not a good fit, it can really drain your confidence and motivation. This leaves you with very little of the resilience you need to try to navigate the recruitment system.


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I teach my clients a very different approach: understand your strengths, be clear on what role you will find easeful and fulfilling, then get out there and network to find the people you’d like to work with. While some people do find the networking is initially a bit out of their comfort zone, they really warm up after the first few coffee catch-ups. And the best part about it is that this approach works.

This podcast I did with one of my clients, Fred, gives you a great insight into this process and just how effective it is.

“The changes that I’ve made as a result of Nikki’s coaching program have definitely influenced my life and work. As a result of working with Nikki, I’ve successfully shifted my career from a manufacturing manager in a large corporate company to a mentoring/advisor role in a not for profit indigenous leadership program in pursuit of my dream life, best fit role. I now work with the best team I could have asked for!”

Fred, 38, engineer

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