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How to translate a successful police career into the private sector

The stories we tend to hear about people who have left the police force (and the military and emergency services) tend be about struggles with PTSD. But that is not the case for many, and certainly not for Richard James.

Richard’s career path has taken him from being a sprinter, to a rugby player, to a police officer. He specialised in covert operations, then moved to the development of operational strategies, training surveillance teams, managing evidence, and headed a police station.

Richard got ahead of things and navigated a career change to ensure less travel and more time with family before the job got to him. Richard founded Rivica Investigations and Covert Solutions.


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In this interview Richard talks about his work in the police force, the strengths that set him up to succeed in that role, and his transition to now provide investigative and covert solutions in the private sector.

He is succeeding in his mission to raise the bar of covert surveillance services within the private and corporate investigations and give individuals and organisations the services and superior outcomes usually only afforded to the government sector.

Here are some key points to jump to if you don't have time to listen to the whole interview:

1:37 Richard’s career path to date

15:35 Richard’s attitude that has enabled him to embrace mini-experiments and change

17:12 Police force career highlights

20:49 Private sector career highlights

24:05 How a private investigator can help individuals and organisations

27:47 Richard’s strengths that have enabled him to excel

31:41 Richard’s investigative challenge for you!


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