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How to set career direction when you’re a multi-passionate who wants to do it all

Sally Wilson is a multi‑passionate. She’s a hypnotherapist, singing teacher, performer, runner and writer.

But before she was all of those things, she had a successful 20 year international career as an opera singer.

In this interview, Sally talks about the shift from an all-consuming singular focus, to discovering what she wanted to do next and getting the balance right in her portfolio career.

How does she fit so many things in? She shapes her work week to play to her strengths, so with all this activity Sally still feels energised. And she’s flexible with the frequency of some of her activities.


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play to your strengths

If you have time, I highly recommend listening to the whole interview. If not, here are some key moments you can jump to:

  • 3.30 What life was like for Sally at her career crossroad
  • 4.55 The challenge of being a multi-passionate. So many ideas – where to focus?
  • 6.40 How Sally had explored career options before working with Nikki
  • 9.30 How mini-experiments took the pressure off Sally having to ‘solve’ her career direction
  • 10.30 The benefits of learning about her strengths
  • 13:39 The mini-experiments that helped Sally to get clarity on her direction
  • 15.40 How accepting a different frequency for an activity (writing books) allowed it to be part of Sally’s portfolio
  • 17.48 Sally’s work as a hypnotherapist with a focus on resolving trauma, anxiety & depression
  • 26.08 Sally discusses all the activities she currently fits into her life: her portfolio career
  • 29.07 Why Sally wishes she’d had career coaching when she was at uni
  • 29.54 Sally’s challenge for you

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Are you a multi-passionate? How do you balance the elements in your life so that you are energised and fulfilled? Let me know in the comments below.

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