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Top tips for your ‘bridge’ job

I’ve talked about how many of my clients transition to their dream best fit role via a bridge job.

This is a job that ideally energises you and boosts your confidence, and certainly doesn’t drain and deflate you.

A bridge job gives you a chance to take a positive step towards your dream role, and gives you the space to find that role without the pressure of trying find it immediately.


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I work with my clients to assess whether their current role can function as a bridge job, or whether they need to find another.

Many clients have come to me wanting to leave their job immediately.

What’s interesting is that when they view it as a bridge job – one that tides them over to their dream role – they frequently find their attitude changes dramatically and they can stay in the job for a bit longer, because it is serving a clear purpose and for a limited time.

The bridge job gives them the foundation from which to explore their dream role.

It also takes the pressure off needing to figure out their dream role immediately.

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