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Is it you, or the job?

Are you just pretending to be happy in your role?

Jem Fuller has moved from barefoot traveller wandering around Central and South East Aisa to a suit and tie corporate leader of a $100 million division of a multi‑national organisation.
He now helps others to find fulfillment through mindful and authentic leadership and helping them to create more positive and vibrant work cultures.

Hear about Jem’s mid-life crisis or, as he now calls it, his ‘opportunity’ in his early 40’s. Jem had a successful 8‑year career in the travel industry. He was in a senior leadership role, flew around the world first class, and was being very well paid.

But, he realised that – with what most people would consider a very successful career - he was pretending to be happy.

It was time for a change.


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In this interview, Jem shares his strengths and the mini-experiments to create his business optimising leaders, and why this involves taking them on retreats to the Himalayas, Bali and the Kimberley.

Plus he shares his top tips to boost your happiness, energy and connection. They are brilliant!!

As always, I recommend you listen to the whole interview. However, here are some time stamps so you can jump straight to the bits you really want to hear first.

  • 2.20 Jem’s career and life crossroads
  • 5.46 Jem’s mini-experiments to create his business and start to be paid for what he wanted to do
  • 9.12 Jem’s top 3 tips on boosting your happiness, energy and connection. They are brilliant!
  • 11.08   How to optimise your employability and ensure you have a job in the artificial intelligence future
  • 13.00  How Jem’s overseas client retreats started
  • 16: 12    Jem’s strengths: why connection is his superpower, how he shapes his work week to play to his strengths and what he outsources
  • 20:25  Jem’s mistake/blooper
  • 22.11  Recurring negative belief – “I’m not good enough” -  and how Jem overcame it. Plus, how to do supercharge the effect.
  • 25:38   Jem’s mini-challenge: download the Smiling Mind app and listen to a meditation just 5 minutes a day.  Jem says that it goes from being a chore to being something that you look forward to as it is time out – nothing to fix, nothing to solve, no kids to wrangle…


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