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Work gives us meaning, but can it also give us pleasure?

Some perspective from a 79 year old who still finds work fulfilling

This podcast interview is with one of my favourite people - Moshe Lang - who I’ve known since I was a psychology student. He is a world renowned psychologist who specialises in family therapy. In this interview he reveals some of his key insights, developed over his life, into how to boost your happiness at work and in relationships.

  • 1.35 Moshe’s top question to ask yourself when figuring out what to do with your life
  • 3.29 How he wanted to be a psychologist, but not necessarily study psychology
    • The question he asks himself after every holiday
    • Why he still practices family therapy at the age of 79.
  • 5.11 How the language we use around work trips us up
  • 6.57 What society gets wrong when it comes to work
  • 8.25 What working for pleasure in your 70’s can you look like
  • 8.50  The most critical element to enjoy your work and why the opposite invites disaster
  • 9.58  What Moshe would change if he ruled the world: and yes it involves singing, and nature
  • 12.20 Why 10 minutes matters and how you can re-design your work week
  • 14.27 Why pleasure makes you a better worker
  • 16: 41 If you don’t look after yourself your capacity to look after your children or your team at work diminishes
  • 18:39 Moshe’s impression on why studying psychology is different to practicing psychology
  • 21.22 How you can use top family therapy principles in your life
  • 31.00 One of the best things about ageing - Hints to live your best life
  • 32:13 Moshe’s top tip to optimise relationships.

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Moshe Lang was born in Israel, migrated to Australia as a young man and settled here in 1961. He studied psychology at the University of Melbourne, and is the Director of William Road Psychotherapy Centre. Between 1965 and 1979 he was senior psychologist at the Bouverie Clinic and Director of Training. In 1979, he founded Williams Road Family Therapy Centre, the first independent family therapy centre in Australia.

Moshe has practiced and taught clinical psychology and family therapy in Melbourne since 1965 He has been a regular commentator on issues associated with clinical psychology and family therapy, and he is well known for his workshops and unique teaching style, marked by clarity, humour and empathy.

You can find out more and read Moshe’s articles, videos, upcoming workshops and discover his books at


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