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When we live well, we die well

As a palliative care nurse, Mel has seen many people work hard and earn with a focus on enjoying retirement. Then they reach retirement and their life is cut short by cancer.

In this podcast, Mel shares how to live now rather than waiting for this or waiting for that.

Discover how working in this role has influenced Mel’s definition of success. It is brilliant in its simplicity. And, you can start today.

Mel also discusses her transition from being a palliative care nurse working with cancer patients, to counseling/mentoring with a mission to prevent cancer from starting.

How do you define success?

Mel’s definition of success took my breath away! I was sitting with her, enjoying a salad near the water in Melbourne on a sunny day when she told me.

Our definitions of success are naturally conditioned by our parents and others in our lives. Clients who come to me to navigate a career change. A key part of my process is to review their definition of success; understand what has influenced them; then identify which elements are serving them well and which aren’t.

Mel’s definition is a shortcut to living well today!


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Melonie is the Chief Energy Officer of Success on Purpose. She supports clients to live well!

Mel has a Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Applied Science/Health Promotion and Specialist Certificate in Palliative Care from Melbourne University. Through her work as a Palliative Care Nurse for 18 years, and her own experience of burnout, anxiety and depression, she learnt that it is not sustainable to keep giving without receiving. Mel learnt how to be Self‑“ish” (more like self), to receive self-love, live from the heart and then give out her overflow. As a success mentor, author and keynote speaker, Mel supports professionals to not wait until it’s too late! Live life now like there’s no tomorrow!

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I recommend listening to the whole interview, but if you’re short on time, here are some key moments you can jump to:

  • 2.00: Who is Mel and what happened at age 6 to lead Mel to become a nurse?
  • 8.42: Cross Roads – how burnout and a broken wrist led to the start of a career change
  • 12.39: Top tip 1 & 2 from what she learnt from palliative care, including Mel’s definition of success that blew my mind
  • 19.48: Mel’s mission to cure cancer
  • 22.30: Tip 3 – How to save tonnes of energy in life.
  • 26:00: Wanted more contribution and growth in her life and decided to start her business on the side.
  • What to expect with career change.
  • 30:16: Mel’s mini-experiments to take her from palliative care nurse to counseling/mentor business owner
  • 34.30: Mel’s strengths: learner, achiever, positivity, arranger and maximiser and how she can use them even more in her business.

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  • 41.12: Mel’s mini-challenge for today:
    (1) Pursue joy/fun once a day, once a week and once a month, or
    (2) Write down 3 things you’re grateful for each night plus how do they make you feel.

Speak soon,

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