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How to play to your strengths to solve a problem & create a business

I’ll say it again: mini-experiments create magic in your work and life!


  • take the pressure off you – remove the need for something new to be a success from the get go
  • calm the people around you – they don’t need to worry about you as you’re simply testing something out.

You don’t need to commit to it long term, simply test out an idea. You collect data or evidence for how you feel before, during and after.

Before starting something new you are likely to feel uncertain, nervous and have some self‑doubt. But so long as the ‘during’ and ‘after’ are positive, that is enough evidence to set the mini‑experiment.

Earlier in the year I interviewed Sam Sutherland on workplace negotiation coaching. We discuss a strategy she observed (in a previous workplace) and applied to triple her income in 3 years and create strong boundaries.


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Another client of mine listened to the podcast and asked if Sam would coach her on workplace (incl. salary) negotiation. Sam was initially hesitant, as she’d tried her hand at life coaching previously and didn’t think it was for her. So, we discussed whether it could be a mini-experiment.

I encouraged her to test the idea before dropping it, as here was a way she could combine her strengths and solve a problem that people wanted solved. I also pointed out that:

  1. until you do it you won’t really know whether it’s right for you
  2. a mini-experiment is a test: you do not need to commit to it long term.

The result of Sam’s mini‑experiment is surprising and brilliant. Talk about a massive positive feedback loop in record time! So, listen to this podcast and find out what happened.


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