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Interview with Liv Downing: mindfulness & meditation

Olivia Downing, founder and CEO of Liv Mindfully, is a psychologist, meditation teacher and mindfulness coach and educator. She helps corporates, schools and individuals to live and work to their full potential.

Liv and I go way back, and I love her refreshing take on mindfulness. She combines the science with self-deprecating humour and bite‑sized morsels that are easy to implement.

Liv partnered with Smiling Mind and IBM to design the Smiling Mind Workplace program. She has run mindfulness workshops solutions for Twitter ASIA, Google, Nike and Stockland, among many others.

She partnered with beyond blue to develop the Mind the bump app, and was part of the team that established Happy Melon: an integrated wellbeing studio in Melbourne.

Liv is also a mum to two boys (8 and 4) and lives in Melbourne.


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I recommend you listen to the whole interview, but if you’re short on time just dive into the bits that appeal to you:

7.34 - Liv's mindfulness business and work pathway

13.44 - The one realisation that changed everything and converted Liv to mindfulness

14.48 - Liv got to the USA and discovered she couldn’t practice as a psychologist. Find out how Liv re-created herself and why now she is so thankful that that initial disappointment happened.

16.08 - How she managed the transition back to Australia whilst pregnant but wanting to connect with the mindfulness community here.
And why the Mind the bump app developed with beyond blue is what she’s most proud of.

20.33 - How Liv got burnt out 6 months in a new venture, whilst teaching mindfulness, and her biggest insight during that vulnerable phase. It’s a BIG ONE!

27.00 - (1) The simple and effective way she has overcome the tendency to say “Yes.”
- (2) As an ideas person her insights on the best environment/business model
- (3) How she re-discovered her definition of success post kids and how that has helped her to shape her future work.

31.59 - Liv’s top 3 hints to live and work to your full potential to live more mindfully

41.00 - Meditation: We meditate to become better at life, not to become better at meditation.
What Liv says to people who say, "I’ve tried it and it didn’t work and I’m no good at it." Don’t worry mindfulness and meditation is about changing our relationships to our thoughts; it’s not about silencing our brain.

44.52 - The train metaphor which is genius and will motivate you BIG time to take the next step.


  1. Mind the bump app
  2. Smiling mind app
  3. Headspace app
  4. Train metaphor – 44.52 – this is genius!

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