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Do you crave more time & money?

Do you crave more time? Perhaps more income so you can travel or do more of the fun stuff you love?

One way to leverage our time and money in our lives is to create / sell / teach something online. You could also go out on your own as a consultant or coach.

Is there something that you know or use and want to share with more people?

Imagine if there was someone who could help you to get your expertise out of your head, online and generating an income for you. Well, there is! I’m delighted to introduce you to Maria Doyle. She is a curriculum development and teacher training expert. She’s also wise and fun!

Maria can pull information out of people’s heads at a rate of knots. She makes learning environments fun, engaging, inspiring, and safe. And, she is a joy to work with - Maria helped me to optimise my 7‑Step Career Change online program and the user experience. Such a relief to know that participants will get a lot out of it and to not worry like I was!

About a year ago I was a tad frustrated. I was meeting return to work parents and students who wanted to work with me but couldn’t afford a 1‑to‑1 coaching program. So, I took a deep breath and decided to create the online program version of my 7 Step Career Change Program. I wanted to create an alternative at a lower price point to meet the needs of return to work parents and students.



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I wanted to solve a real problem out there.

Now, I was nervous as I knew I would be working more in my areas of weakness rather than my areas of strengths. So I looked for who was going to join my team on this project. The divine Kate Riordan (process specialist - listen to her podcast interview) helped me to get ideas out of my head and develop the broad structure of the program. This helped me to say “Yes!” fully to the project.

But then I felt stuck and started to procrastinate. How do you translate a coaching model to a teaching model? Thankfully I found Maria and I learnt how to take a broad structure of a program and fill it in and deliver it in an optimised and engaging way.

There is an art to teaching. I’ve learnt in the last year that as a psychologist/coach I’m not a teacher. I needed help.

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play to your strengths

I recommend you listen to the whole interview if you have time. But if not, you can jump to the bits that interest you:

  • 2.00: Maria’s unconventional career pathway from studying languages at university, having no idea what to do next and how she discovered her superpower
  • 4.37: Lessons from having multiple organ failure and feeling like a number
  • 7.55: What Maria said when people asked her, “When are you going to get a real job?”, as she was being paid to fly and live in other countries and learn languages/cultures
  • 10.13: Maria’s superpower system for pulling information out of people’s heads, putting it into a framework that will work time and time again, and how she leads her clients
  • 14.39: Maria’s top 3 tips on what to consider when creating an online product or sharing your knowledge in a program online plus the difference between a passive income and leveraged income model
  • 19.00: How Maria uses her online library to optimise her 1‑to‑1 sessions with clients
  • 21.11: Maria’s brilliant mini-experiments to streamline her business to play to her strengths plus the shortcut she used to walk every day for a month.

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Are you a consultant or coach and wondering about teaching people what you know? Or do you want to find out more about you and creating something online? You can download Maria’s free checklist.

It will help you decide whether it’s something you can move forward with.

She also has a library of free and reasonably priced resources.

Speak soon,


Free webinar: Your career 'Plan B'

Are you a corporate worker who is facing or has been made redundant?

Are you asking:

  • What do I do now?”

  • How do I talk about the unique value I offer an organisation, especially in a different sector?”

  • How do I find a job in this climate?”


I will show you how you can:

  • Uncover your unique strengths and the problems you can solve
  • Be clear and confident and stand out from other candidates.
  • Use a combination of traditional & alternative approaches to increase your chances of finding a role.

Wednesday, April 15th, 8pm

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