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How to quit your job, define your ideal role & hire a chef

I have a lovely friend from uni days, Ness, who now lives close by on the Victorian coastline. We caught up a while ago and had a chat about her school admin role and how frustrated she was. I suggested we look at her strengths profile and see how it matched her role.

You can often tweak your role so that it more closely matches your strengths. So, looking at your strengths / role aligned is a great place to start if you’re unhappy at work and unsure what to do about it.

Studies show when we shape our work week to play to our strengths we significantly boost our resilience, happiness, creativity and positive influence. We get to experience moments or hours of ‘flow’.

When Ness and I looked at her strengths and how they matched to her current admin role at a school there was only a 5% alignment. This clearly required more than tweaking to get to a point of being energised in the role. No wonder she was drained!

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However, when she thought about quitting and looking for a different role she experienced doubt and resistance. People in her life highlighted the good things about the role: family friendly hours, a good salary - why would you leave? Those a great attributes for a role, but there has to be more to it than that!

In this podcast episode we look at Ness’ thought patterns before she quit and what the experience was like before, during and after she took action.

Find out:

  • the steps that Ness took to quit her job and what life was like before, during and after
  • what she said to the new principal that lead him to offer her a flexible contracting role, plus how they worked to gather to shape the role to play to her strengths
  • how getting to know her strengths has led her to more live (more) guilt free.

And, Ness shares how she hired a chef, which you can too for a similar investment to a cleaner.

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