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Mini-experiments, taking career control (and feeling like a fraud!)

Do you ever feel like a fraud at work (for a minute, an hour or even half the day)?

If yes (and if we’re honest, we’ve all been there!), you’ll love this interview with Sam Sutherland.

Sam shares how to:

  • negotiate your salary like an expert, even though you’re likely to feel like a fraud!
  • make impression management work in your favour
  • stop being a “Yes” person and say “No” or “Yes” (slowly!) to more work when your plate is full.

Samantha Sutherland provides fun, interactive leadership and strengths training programs for corporate teams. She utilises 14 years’ corporate experience, team management skills and her own strengths of curiosity and zest to create workshops that bring out the best in your team, now and in the future.

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Sam Sutherland

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I recommend you listen to the whole interview, but here are key points you can jump to straight away:

  • 1:00 Sam’s work pathway from Australia to London and back again, and transitioning out of corporate work.
  • 2:56 How Sam used mini-experiments to navigate “What next?” and create her first business - “I just want to help people have more fun!”
  • 8:56 How Sam uses her strengths: Communication, Woo, Activator, Competition and Command
  • 14:44 Sam’s brilliant stories and tips on salary negotiation. How you’re likely to feel like a fraud but can negotiate your salary like an expert anyway!
  • 22:20 The pure gold tip on how to use impression management at work in your favour.
  • 26:37 How to stop being a “Yes” person and say “No”, or “Yes” (slowly!) to more work when your plate is full.
  • 34:20 Sam’s fun challenge to bring you more joy or space in your work week.

You can find Sam at

  • corporate strategy workshops
  • 9 week Everday Evolution online program: 9 weeks of ridiculously easy to implement content to get you loving life again. An affordable, actionable series of techniques and tips to awaken your inner child.

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