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Jacqui’s career success story: from a negative work environment to playing to your strengths

This podcast episode provides an inspiring example of how you do have choices when you’re in a negative work environment.

Meet Jacqui Brauman.

She who took an extreme approach when she was fed up working in a negative environment in which she was subjected to sexual harassment, being slapped and a significant pay gap.

Jacqui has some great hints on what to do if you’re experiencing negative behaviours in a law firm. She reveals how she overcame the pervasive feeling that it was her fault and what she could have done differently to know in her soul that it wasn’t.

Are you like Jacqui?

Are you or have you been in a negative work environment and still carry a piece of it around with you?


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Jacqui’s story of surviving pretty extreme circumstances is inspiring. It will show you that you are limitless and what really is possible. I encourage you to listen to the whole discussion. However, if you want to jump straight to the bits that particularly interest you, I’ve listed some topics and times below:

  • 4.55 Horrible bosses: Jacqui shares her experience as an employee in a horrible role and how in response she chose to create more freedom and flexibility
  • 6.00 Belief vs. reality: Jacqui was brought up to believe she could do anything, which was not matched with her experience in general practice
  • 6.40 Motivation to change: Find out what motivated her to change her job – Her experience with a significant pay gap and sexual harassment due to gender
  • 8.00 The threat of success: Hear how Jacqui played to her strengths and the sexual harassment she received when she was successful
  • 9.14 The move to positive & supportive: Hear how working for herself she has been able to create a positive and supportive environment
  • 9.50 Top tips to managing sexual harassment and other unjust behaviour
  • 11.00 What was invigorating about her starting her own business?
  • 12.50 I reveal the 3 types of mini-experiments and how they create clarity and momentum
  • 13.20 Is there a book in you? Be inspired by Jacqui’s experience of writing and self-publishing
  • 14.00 “The cult of dissatisfaction” is Jacqui’s latest book. She shares how she went from feeling trapped & ‘sold a myth’ of how life is supposed to unfold, to learning how to spiral up, design work you might enjoy and start to believe this is ok and is not self‑indulgent. You can be happy at work!
  • 17.05 We hear about Jacqui’s strengths: Achiever, Leaner, Deliberative, Focus and Input. We discuss two examples of how she manages these in her work to create harmony and efficiency.
  • 18.50 I reveal the 4 leadership pillars that your strengths come under and why Jacqui can get so much done.
  • 20.00 Are strengths static or will they change over time?
  • 20.46 Wish you could steal another strength? Here’s what to do instead to shape your work week to play to your strengths 60 – 80% of the week to significantly boost your productivity, resilience, happiness and income.
  • 22.30 How Jacqui understands and accepts her strengths are not in relationship building, and how she delegates those tasks to someone with that strength
  • 24.25 Hear about being slapped by her boss and what hooks Jacqui into thinking “it’s my fault”, which is her default thought pattern
  • 27.30 How to find Jacqui and her book and her fab blog:
  • 28.25 Your challenge set by Jacqui: become aware of a negative bias that isn’t true and how to overcome it.

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You can also check out Jacqui’s new book, The Cult of Dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction is something which appears to be ever present in today’s society. It comes from many sources and is difficult to pin down to one thing, or a single life event. It is something which seems to have increased with our wealth and is an emotion as destructive as they come.

In The Cult of Dissatisfaction, Jacqui looks at the culture of dissatisfaction, the symptoms and causes of it and how you can change it within yourself.

You can find Jacqui at:

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