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Nikki’s tips

How to reclaim 5 – 15 hrs in your work week

Do you want 5 more hours in your week? I ran a day retreat for my clients on Sunday to plan out their next 90 days. They all identified 1 – 3 ways to re-claim time. And, they felt liberated! Do you feel as though you have enough time in your week to do what…

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Sometimes you need a friend to say, “Enough’s enough!”

When you’re in a job that’s just not right for you, it’s a bit like being a frog in a pot of cold water that slowly gets heated. You don’t realise you need to jump out. You become used to the discomfort until… Most of us have been in a role like this. We’ve stayed…

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How to make lasting change, not just resolutions

I have 12 New Years’ resolutions. It’s so tempting to try to do them all at once. But no!! This is not how our brains were designed. At the beginning of each year we make promises to ourselves about the changes we’ll make. We continue to do this in spite of the fact that these…

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My #1 Xmas tip – You’ll love it!

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Well, you can do something about it right now. If Xmas feels like it’s tomorrow; you’re trying to wrap-up work; and everyone wants to catch-up in the next 10 days, you can take the pressure off. My top tip for Xmas this year, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, is to review your…

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