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Finding your best fit role isn’t about changing who you are

Finding your best fit role isn’t about changing who you are. Are you stuck in a role: that lacks the flexibility that you want? that doesn’t align with your values? where your manager doesn’t seem to trust you, even though you’re in a senior role? Do you want: to be treated like an adult, especially…

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How to find your dream role in the current job market

Now is a fantastic time to find and land your dream role. But there are a few key things you need to know about the job market and how to approach an opportunity in order to land it. I recently spoke with Sarah Piper from Invisible Partners about this. Sarah works with organisations to identify…

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Tips for recouping your 6 week holiday deficit

I reckon we’re 6 weeks behind on our holidays / restoration after the past 2 years of pandemic. So, what can we do about it? Get to know your strengths Understand how to talk about your unique abilities Learn how to get noticed & hired without relying on job search websites Find out more Join…

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You can land your dream role in Dec, Jan or Feb

I want to talk about why it’s possible to land your dream role in Dec, Jan or Feb. Organisations hire staff when they have a problem that needs to be solved. These problems don’t magically disappear over summer. In October, SEEK recorded the highest number of job postings ever – a 63.2% increase  on this…

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My top tip for post-lockdown work

Book your free 15 min discovery session. Find out what’s possible for your dream life, best fit role.TM Book now Have you heard the Great Resignation is coming? I think a lot of this is driven by our reduced mental bandwidth. We just can’t tolerate the BS that can be part of our working life:…

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